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Colour changing wax burner & a box of 15 daisy melts

Colour changing wax burner & a box of 15 daisy melts

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Led Colour changing burner allows a choice of 8 static colour settings and a phased colour option reaching a full colour spectrum during the sequence. Each Lamp has a hot plate to create the heat required to warm a wax melt of fragrance oil.

 The lamp is operated by a switch and is available in 4  colour casings in the range.

you receive a FREE box of daisy melts with all of our burners choose from ,  

Designer Dupe
Coco, Alien, Opium, Savage, Creed


Coco, White Linen, Rhubarb, Alien, Snow Fairy


comfort blue, lavish, unstoppable golden orchid, l white linen, duvet day 


White Lien, Baby Powder, Dove, Comfort. Blue, Zoflo springtime 

Fruity #1

Rhubarb, Black Cherry, mango, Sweet Apple, Lemon

Fruity #2

Black plum , Blackberry jam Percy pink Tutti fruity Very Berry

Sweet Shop

Bubble Gum, Cola, Candy Floss, palm violet, Skittles

Bath and body

Snow fairy, Avo bath, Rose jam, Goddess. Dove

Jasmine, Lavender, Daffodil, Bluebell, Cherry Blossom